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  • Member: MistyCaldwell
  • Title: How do you let him go
  • Premiered: 2002-02-28
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    • Sarah McLachlan Do what you have to do
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    *********New Remastered Version 6-3-02**********

    I'm not too good at selling my video off but I think that this is my best AMV I have made to date....and I have made a bunch. 'Course those might have been lousy...ahh see how bad I am at this :p

    What better way to celebrate a new kenshin OAV episode? This song just perfectly says what I think Kaoru's facing this whole first episode of the new OAV. If you have not yet seen the OVA episode itself, then you may not know or want to know what the video is about. It contains limited footage from the second epsiode. That is where most of the story takes place, so that is why I feel this is mostly spoiler free.

    If anyone does not want to be spoiled at all, don't watch BUT about the only thing on here to spoil you is Kenshin and Kaoru kissing. And I didn't even use the -real- kiss ...ahem....

    This new one is from the DVD of the OAV so it looks AWESOME!!! Well, to see the really awesome copy you'd have to go to Otakon. This copy is only 47 MB but the MPEG-2 is 300 MB and shows it. For obvious reasons, the high quality version will not be available online.

    This is mostly a Kaoru character profile, but it is romance as well.

    August 2002
    My video was in the Otakon only placed as an honorable mention, but at least it placed 4th out of 7 videos....well, maybe that isn't as much a thing to be proud of as I'd hoped......but, it's always just an honor to be nominated it into the contest.

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