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  • Member: bunnymaxwell
  • Title: Enzai Tribute
  • Premiered: 2005-01-25
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    • Tool Prison Sex
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  • Comments: *WARNING* 18 +
    this AMV is VERY graphic, and contains yaoi and sexual scenes. (Yaoi is Gay Guy Porn. You know, Boy + Boy = Loving) even though the sex scenes (parts *cough*) are blurred out, you can still tell what is happening and going on. So keep that in mind before you download it.

    well with the warning out of the way :) i hope you will like my AMV :) its been awhile since i made one. and i wantted to do something a little different, and hardly scene (at least by my eyes) for music videos. is a yaoi (boy x boy) amv :) and hard core to boot ;) well i hope you all like it. and remember its not like i didn't warn ya what this amv contains :)

    ok do to the fact i can't upload this amv for it has sexual content. and this hasn't been deleted (reported it to maintainers) i didn't pay attention to the rules ^^" until i went to submit it ^^ oops my bad. but oh well. i have uploaded the video to another site. below is a link going to it.


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