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  • Member: Radical_Yue
  • Studio: Once In A Blue Moon Productions
  • Title: We Need A Miracle...We need you Sora...
  • Premiered: 2005-02-04
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    • uknown We Need A Miracle
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  • Comments: This is actually isn't the first AMV I've made so far, this is just the first I've ever put up on this site =P. And actually, I started this AMV at 1am January 1st, and I finished by 2:30am! Lol, my first AMV of the new year! Yay!
    It's of Kingdom Hearts, and the audio is called "We Need A Miracle." I honestly don't know who does it or anything like that because it was on a mix cd a friend gave me for my b-day, and all they knew was the name. So sorry :P

    Also, if it looks really crappy and junk please forgive me! Windows Movie Maker hates me! -_-;
    But I assure you that if have seen my "Anime Headstrong" AMV, the KH2 clips are A HECK OF A LOT BETTA. That's cuz I made this one quite a while after I made "Anime Headstrong" so I had better sources by then.

    I wanted to make a dramatic, actiony, instumental AMV, so that's what I did. It's very very simple and I'm extremly proud of it. A lot of people won't like it of course...but that's okay! Cuz I like it! But I would still REALLY apperciate an opinion, and I'm known to leave opinions, so if you download and leave an opinion on my AMV, I might do the same for you (if I have enough room on my hard drive! XD I got like less then one GB left) Hope u likez itz!

    I worked super hard on this AMV, and I hope you enjoy this Once In A Blue Moon Production of Kingdom Hearts~We Need A Miracle.

    P.S. PLEASE LEAVE AN OPINION! Whether it's good or bad! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE! Thankies =^_~=

    If there are any problems with this AMV, please email me at and I will fix them as soon as possible! ^_~

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