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  • Member: Pokich
  • Title: Trauer (Sadness)
  • Premiered: 2004-11-11
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    • Rammstein Ohne dich
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  • Comments: Finallist of AKROSS Con 2004

    Second prize of the Best Video Nomination voting.
    Winner of the Best Drama Nomination voting.
    Winner of the Best Story Nomination voting.

    The story of two souls existing in different worlds and trying to be together...

    The idea was to create a video with totally original plot, which can be perceived without any acquaintance with the footage. Until the very start of creation quite every moment, every scene of the vid was in my head. And when I, as usual, tried first to find needed parts in the footage - there were... qiute no needed parts. :)

    After that could be only two solutions: to make an other video, or to make needed parts by myself...
    And then After Effects launched, and the work began. ;) Much more work, than supposed to be at the beginning, I would say. Filters, masks, layers - all that stuff you know.

    And now, In the end - the only my AMV so close to what were in my head at the beginning. The things from the very different series of Wolf's Rain are in one frame, telling this sad beautiful story, and all kooks like the original footage. Bun its not :)

    Yes, who uses AE - posesses the Real Power in video editing. ;)

    Of course, serious story video needs lyrics translation:[AKROSS_Con_2004-2]

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