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  • Member: Epochof7
  • Studio: Seven7h S7ep Productions
  • Title: The Stupid Human Hopes
  • Premiered: 2001-02-28
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    • Yoko Kanno Flying Teapot
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  • Comments: DIRECT LINKS NOW!!!!

    *****PLEASE REVIEW******
    :) Help my decripit ego and tell me if you thought this was good or bad! I wanna know what I can do better, and _you're_ the people that can tell me! Please?
    *****PLEASE REVIEW******

    My second video... a romance for my girlfriend, Liz :) LOL I had a lot of fun making this... in fact, now that I kinda had an idea of what to do, it was many times easier. This took me two weeks, but that's because I was stupid and I took 21 units that quarter.

    Also, the source for this video was drawn from the Japanese release of the VHS... and hell, it took 5 hours just to transfer and digitize the video :P

    I took me forever to work out the end for the damned thing...

    Also, my favorite scene in the music video is with the line "Sometimes, I think, oh yes I could do almost everything I've ever wanted, and it makes me cry"

    LOL I submitted this to Fanime2001, but I'm not sure if it was shown... it wasn't shown into the 4th hour of music videos, and it may have arrived late :( Oh well... again, search for 7Step in Movies, and you should find it somewhere :)

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