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  • Member: MissIndigo
  • Studio: Cytochrome P450
  • Title: Keitaro Makes the Grade (...or does he?)
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Athenaeum Suddenly
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  • Comments: This is the second of the two Love Hina videos I am working on. It chronicles Keitaro in the pursuit of his dream to enter Tokyo University, and the trials within.

    A new song and new Love Hina video concept are introduced here. I do not know of any other LH videos made that focus mainly on the academic (or lack thereof!) aspects of Keitaro's character and this dynamic in the context of his relationship with Naru. The music is "Suddenly", by Athenaeum. The video will present the pursuit of his dream as sort of a cross between make-believe and reality, meaning that is it really realistic for him to keep trying. As always, the determined Keitaro doesn't give up, no matter whether his efforts prove fruitful or not.

    There are two versions of "Suddenly" that I've heard, one most likely is a radio edit while the album version is a bit more ethereal with the guitars. I haven't decided yet which one I'm going to use. In either case, I will have edited out the second verse; it reminds me enough of the first one so that I would probably put redundant clips in and the video wouldn't get to the point fast enough. Overall, it will be a moderately paced video, slower where the song is slow and faster as the song picks up.

    This one, as well as Goodbye to Love, is on hold until I get the Nutcracker Audition done.

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