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  • Member: harukali
  • Title: the friends that make the man
  • Premiered: 2004-10-03
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    • The Shins Caring Is Creepy
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  • Comments: I didn't see a lot of Berserk vids on here so I really wanted to do one. This Shins song rocks and reminds me a lot of the things that I liked about the show: it's a little dark, and it turns when you don't expect it, it's cool as hell, and there's a lot going on underneath that harsh military exterior.

    What I was going for was to show the almost love-triangle-esque bonds between Griffith, Guts, and Caska.

    Technically: I knew only a little bit more about what I was doing for this one, so there are a couple of blips. There are at least two clips that I just COULD NOT get to work in my beloved Studio 8 program. one isn't too noticeable, the other, well, let's just hope some of you can forgive me that. Again. studio 8 does nothing for my video quality so that's an issue too.

    one day i will have decent software, and that day will be grand indeed.

    Initially i made this for AnimeUSA's AMV contest, but I couldn't get it the way that I liked so I put it off. but here it is, as close to what I wanted as Pinnacle can get me.

    Opinions always welcome, but those on video quality will be taken with a grain of salt. The next video will be prettier, I promise.

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