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  • Member: Ashton
  • Studio: Original Skin Studios
  • Title: Lies
  • Premiered: 2002-04-28
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    • Ace of Base Living in Danger
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  • Comments: This is my first released video. (since some synacle person braught it to my attention, I'll clarify. I started several productions symultaneously and none of the others were ever finished. So while this is not the first video I started, it is my first completed and released video).
    This video is about the pressures of people, and of society on young people. It's about Tonma and all of the lies the he told Urara, and about how they hurt Urara.
    Allot of the footage is combined so that it looks like Tonma is breaking Urara's heart over and over and over agian in one scene, but these are actualy a combination of many different scenes.
    There are a few parts that are lipsinked, but the cooler parts are those with the luminance and blue screen transperencies. What this is used to show is the eyes of all of their friend watching them, waiting for them to make a mistake, waiting for them to show their weaknesses. It's used to show the immense pressure on their shoulders, and most importantly, the burden of guilt on Tonma, and the pain of beeing hurt on Urara.
    The lyrics don't really have a connection other than the whole eye thing. But the songs overal saddened tone along with with relitively fast pace make it perfect for SD.
    The video should be done by march, but I'm not going to release it until after it has been judged at Fanime Con in Santa Clara. So it will probably be on the net by late april or early early may.

    Update: 3/12/02
    The video is done. Everything is finished and it is outputed in Huffyuv, but I am strugling trying to convert it into VBR MPEG. The CBR ver is done and redy, tomarow I will be outputing it to VHS. It will be ready for download (assuming that I can get the server space) after the con, April 28th or 29th. I can't wait to release it, but in the meantime I will finish outputing it all out and I will finish my inu yasha video. That will probably be done in 3-4 months. Thanks for your interest.

    Update: 4/30/02
    I went to the con. I watched the music videos. I watched the Drama section. And lo and behold, my video did not appear. I don't know why, but I'm in the process of finding out. This will not affect me making this vid availible asap. My friend is uploading it to his server as I speak, and it will be availible for DL later this evening. I hope you all enjoy it (hopefully more then the people at Fanime 2002 did).

    Update: 6/19/02
    Alrighty then, well, it appears that the video was RECIEVED by the people at anime expo. That's a good sign, because I talked to someone from Fanime and initial indications point to something like "It got lost in the mail" bull. So anyway, I got an E-mail, and it got to AX, but apparently it still has to go through adult content screening (oh yeah, I'm going to have a REAL problem passing that) and then it also has to be selected as a finalist to be shown, which may be a much greater problem. But things are generally looking up.

    Update: 7/7/02
    Woohoo, I was a finalist at Anime Expo! Ow... I didn't win anything though, oh well. I'm just going to consider "finalist" an award and add it to my award collection. I'm also awarding myself the "That other video" award as the most unrecognized video of the con. Nobody even seemed to notice that it was playing, like everyone had something urgent to do for those three minutes and then they packed in for the video after mine.

    Update: 10/20/02
    I just wanted to let you all know that I am adding an indirect link in the downloads section, but it's not actually a downloadable link. Instead, it will link you to a website where you can get information about a CD distrobution system that I know very little about other than to say that my video is availible throught this system.

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