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  • Member: keeso
  • Studio: FoxWorm Studios
  • Title: Living in a Dream
  • Premiered: 2005-01-26
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    • Clint Mansel Requiem For A Dream
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  • Comments: Yay, finally after 2 months of working and thinking it is here. Well i have putted a lot more effort in to this than in any of my amvs. In november i started this project and then i had all rahxephon episodes in .ogg form, and i have no idea how to get them in to .avi form. I probably used two whole days wondering how to do it, and i downloaded that virtualdubMOD and used that to encode them in to avi. That wasnt that hard, but it was annoying to search some information about that in forums. But it worked out really nicely.

    Some information about this amv:


    Infact i changed my song about three times in this long amv project, and i finally chosed to use legendary LOTR trailer music, requiem for a dream. Only bad thing in chosing this was that there is a lot amvs carrying this song also, troublesome. Anyway i thought that maybe i can get some original points with my anime. There is a reason why i choiced this song, and thats my friend was telling about 3-4 months ago that maybe i should dl this song and listen, but i didnt care less. But recently i realiced that this damn good song.


    I have to say that without Euphoria no one would watch RahXephon, i wouldnt either. When i first time saw this anime i thought that it is just romance amv. I really had no idea what kinda anime rahxephon is, i was really suprised how good the story was. I really enjoyed watching that. So i thought mayb i should make amv with this anime. And i did, it was really hard to find right song to this anime. There were great songs but then lyrics didnt match with anime, so i choiced to use song without any lyrics. Rahxephon is weird but it is good in it own way, everyone should really watch that anime.


    "living in a dream", i really think that whole anime serie is only a dream. There is no reality in it, or maybe it`s our future, who knows. Ayato lives in two different kinda worlds, so other world must be a dream.


    Well the actual amv worked out quite nicely, there was a lot problems that i had to solve. But im quite pleased for the result, there is some kinda story and it is almost as weird as rahxephon really is. ^^ Those clips where is different color that others (orange/yellow) those are ayatos future- or nightmarescenes.

    First i showed how ayato lived in his "normal" life, he wokes up and watches his own made picture and decides to go school with train or metro. Suddenly his train crashes in to tunnel and he walk outside of that tunnel. When steps outside of that tunnel, he saw that unknown plains are attacking his city. He runs a away and met girl with yellow dress. They go into underground , and suddenly they realiced that they are somewhere where they shouldnt be, girl start to sing and ayato falls down, and ayato saw some kinda robot. Ayato thinks that maybe he should find out whats happening. He walk towards the robot, and suddenly he is inside of him. Ayato freaks out and realice that he can only control that robot. Few bad robots arrives and starts to attack ayato, he flee and one of the robots follows ayato. Ayato defeats that red annoying robot. And automatically teleports in to other world, where he wokes up and saw a cute girl. That girl is person who is in TERRA ( some kinda military thing.) TERRA`s leader dont have any reason to allow that ayato joins in to that TERRA. When leader realises that ayato isnt normal human, he allow that join permission.
    So ayato starts to work with the "military" , and he has to face dangerous robots, and deafeat them.
    Ayato realises that girl in his picture is really the one who is controlling that robot, ayato decides to destroy that picture, after that his robot called RahXephon comes useless. ayato fall in love with that girl and that`s the end of story.

    Im really sure that everyone who have saw rahxephon they can understand whats happening in this amv, if not thats ok. This is really hard to understand. :E

    Programs that i used in this amv:

    -Adobe premier pro
    -Adobe photoshop

    I think that there is really good quality in this amv, and when you watch this one with tv-out put it should seem perfect. If not dammit.

    I`m going to add direct link here as soon i contact with WT and Bale. :D

    Please watch this one if you are rahxephon fan or LOTR fan. Thanks.

    Ops are allways welcome. Enjoy if that is possible. ^^

    Anyway i think that there is only one bad thing in that whole amv, is that how i ended it. It just stopped :D Why i did that was that the actual lasted almost 7 minutes so i tried to cut it 3-4 minutes, so the ending isnt that great. But dont let it bother you.

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