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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: Soul Anime Studios
  • Title: Wolf's Rain - No Tomorrow For Us
  • Premiered: 2005-01-25
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    • Alexisonfire No Transitory
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  • Comments: Slight edit: I thought I did this already, but someone in an opinion told me I didn't... so I guess I didn't..... DON'T WATCH THIS IF YOU'RE PRONE TO SEIZURES! It has a LOT of flashes!!!! Actually, you really shouldn't watch this at all and watch my newer amvs instead as this is now almost a year old and I can't stand it =P ~_^


    one: Exactly a year since I made my first amv.. wow... HAPPY AMV-VERSARY TO ME!! WHOOO!! Pefect for Yuki.. that that sucked, no matter how many times i re-did it. it's tradition. it sucks. i give up on it llol... oh yeah this also means it's mai bday lol im 17! whoo! *dances* ok.. on to the vid...

    i actually made this like a week ago, but i wanted to put it up today, so... well this gave me time to experiment with saving options. it's an avi. u need DivX codec to c this. u can get this by typing it into google.. or u can get it here: CLICK ME!! IM SEXI!!! WHOOOOO!!!! LOL
    it's good quality except in one part near the end where it died for like 2-3 seconds, not sure why... i zoomed in on the pic there.. that's probly it. fansubs r annoyng. i think i possibly missed one sub too but im not sure cause it flashed by so fast i dun relle no wat it was...

    i basically made this vid for mai friend. he sent me the song. i shall neeevveerrr use a song like this again.. god torture.. but it fit wolf's rain suprisingly well. it was good practice matching beats, too.. or not..? i think i overdid it a lil heh heh.. u judge... i no wats wrong wit it already lol...

    ok so please leave an opinion wen u're done watching! i'll totally love u if u do! hehehe...

    this has spoilers!

    this is like a character profile of like alll the characters. heh.. its random.. its depressing.. kiba's hot... lol... feel free to ignore the lip sync in the middle for 'tomorrow' i no its weird. it wasnt lip sync originally. kiba is not even lip sync there, it just kinda looks like it is.. take it watever way u want..
    n here is the song because while some of the lyrics r totally understandable, some r... not...

    Alexisonfire - "No Transitory"

    I'm in a constant state of getting cut
    So why don't I feel anything?

    This is a violation

    Maybe I forgot what it was like
    Before it entered me

    So this is what they call
    Another endless night
    So tired of believing
    If this is wrong or right
    I think this cause is lost
    I wish that I could sleep
    I feel like some kind of shadow
    Another slave to the weak
    Imagine if we lived
    Under the weather
    We would never be found
    Never discovered
    If everything goes wrong
    If it's one more endless night
    You know there always tomorrow
    And tomorrow...
    They'll know there's always tomorrow

    And this knife, this knife
    It is my most important appendage

    So now that your whole world
    Has gone up into flames
    This night is still never ending
    Do you think you're still safe?
    Seems everything went wrong
    We were discovered
    But this time there's no tomorrow
    And tomorrow...

    And this knife, this knife.


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