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  • Member: MissIndigo
  • Studio: Cytochrome P450
  • Title: Keitaro's Promise, Naru's Pain
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • The Carpenters Goodbye to Love
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  • Comments: This is one of two Love Hina videos I am working on, with the focus of this one on the love triangle between Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi. The majority of the footage features Kei and Naru, while Mutsumi has more of an implied role. It will introduce a new artist and song to the AMV database as well, "Goodbye to Love" by the Carpenters. (The Carpenters?!?!?) Before you start yawning at the music choice, however, realize that this song has two prominent guitar solos and rather tight lyrics that match one of the underlying themes of the Love Hina series.

    The video will begin by illustrating Keitaro's loss of the girl with whom he promised to enter Tokyo University, and his seemingly futile efforts over the past 15 years to find her. He never gives up searching for her, but at times I feel he must come to terms with the fact he may never find her.

    Enter Naru, who has her own way of seeing through Keitaro's promise and who must deal with her budding affections for him. However, the mysterious Mutsumi enters, and with her looks and memories, bears a striking resemblance to Keitaro's long lost young friend. The three of them, Kei, Naru, and Mutsumi, must figure out who really is the girl of the past, and Naru finally comes to terms with her own feelings.

    The last verse will focus on the feelings of confusion and heartache that both Naru and Keitaro have for each other...and they must wonder is it all worth it. I think viewers of the series wonder this too.

    The guitar solos will feature reflections, either from Naru's memories of Kei or Kei's memories of Naru. Requisite bitch slapping will be kept to a minimum, as that isn't the focus of this video. ^_^

    This will be one of my first attempts at making an AMV, so I have chosen to focus more on the song/story dynamic rather than flash. And yes, as a disclaimer, I will state this minute that the footage is coming from my fansubs...although I do intend to collect the upcoming DVD series. Anyway, as my main goals now are to enhance the Love Hina story through music and just gain experience with digital video, I'll be investigating more of the technical aspects of AMV making over time. For now, enjoy the song, enjoy the story.

    Currently, the music edit is done, the clips are selected, and the storyboard is laid out. Hopefully I'll have something I'm satisfied with by the end of the season...graduate school + skating competitions + preliminary qualifiying exams = little free time. But making my Love Hina AMV is how I want to spend that!

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