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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Title: "Halos Beneath Us"
  • Premiered: 2005-01-21
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    • My Chemical Romance The Ghost of You
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  • Comments: Sometimes there is a project and a video so close to your heart that no matter how many words you went threw to try to explain it. It wouldn't do justice to how you feel about the video.

    So I'll let the video and my beta testers speak for me, first though a small thank you list.

    Thank You's
    LoneWolf , you helped me so much during this. From helping me out with the dvds to modivating me when I wasn't sure how it was going. Thank you.

    Scintilla, You're always a huge help and I'm not quite sure I could thank you enough. Though more important I'm sure the people who watch it can thank you for the amazing video quality and size.

    Cyanna. The poster and beta testing (As always :P, and yet I appreciate it no less)

    Castor Troy: Beta testing, Thanks ^_^

    Songbird21: for helping out (majorly) and trying to get me a girlfriend >> (that worked out >>)

    And thank you guys for giving me quotes to put in here and on the poster for this purpose. Thanks you all, I appreciate all the love you've given me during this time.

    Lone Wolf: "It's frantic, emotional, and just plain beautiful how Ayato's mind is displayed."
    SuzukiAkira: "The defining dramatic video...the quintessential RahXephon experience."
    Songbird21: "Brillant"
    GCRunaway: "Beautiful. Just, Beautiful"
    Scintilla: (there were two he had, I'll use both >>)
    "Where's the sex?"
    (and the less joking one :P)
    "It's definitly the most disturbing use of Rahxephon I've seen

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