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  • Member: Crono_101
  • Studio: Crono's Visual Arts
  • Title: OtherWorld
  • Premiered: not yet
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  • Song:
    • Final Fantasy X Otherworld
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  • Comments: Yeah! This is the real one! Arent you proud!? Now I just have to wait for Phade to delete the other ones. I hope he doesnt delete this one....
    Anyways! This is my first music video, but Im sure youve heard that many a time. So I get straight to the stuff!

    Okay, Im not sure if this song is from FFX...but it could be!! Oooo....special effects! I know it sucks, but it's the best I could do, maybe Ill tweek it some more before I put it on. I used the OVA with this song because its got sort of the same theme, which most people wont be able to figure out. The song is about how you should keep fighting and never give up, because 'another world awaits you' thus the name. I like how this turned out and Im impressed with myself, so don't tell me too much about how it sucks. A soul can only take so many blows.

    This AMV took me about 2 weeks to put together, but I feel the urge to work on it some more! So be prepared for a remastered version, which will be this, cept better, since I havent put this on yet...
    That's enough for me! Enjoyith!

    P.S. If anyone knows how to convert a WMV to an MPEG or something besides that please email me and let me in on the secret! Thanks!!

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