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  • Member: Quu
  • Studio: Demon Kitty
  • Title: Chemicals Between US
  • Premiered: 2000-09-09
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  • Song:
    • Bush Chemicals Between Us
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  • Comments: (this is a note... I recovered a copy of the video after my server crash... but the copy was before i cleaned up the video quality. If anybody has a copy of my video with a title bumper on it... please contact me...)

    Hello again. This is my second music video. I should title this video “Fun with Fades” but in the end… it stopped being fun. This video taught me a lot of things. I currently hate the song, and think the video sucks.

    Its seed of creation is rather weird though. I had decided not to go to a local convention (Dragon*Con), mainly due to lack of interest and a lot of work. I asked one of my friends if she wanted to go out to dinner Friday night, but she declined, she was attending the convention. Most of my friends were. So I got a bit depressed and was alone. So I decided to make a music video to cheer me up. I figured I could get it done over the weekend. After all, everybody is entitled to his or her “crappy” video.

    The song “Chemicals Between Us” had just left rotation on the radio station I listen to (It’s back… ugg). At the time I kind of liked the song, and figured I could do something with it. I had also recently purchased the Escaflowne PSX game, and some of the footage on it was really cool. Almost in a spur of the moment decision I decided to use footage from the game, and only from the game. I also decided to use at least one clip from every cut scene. (That is why it opens with the Bandai logo). The game sucks, but it has a lot of full motion video. I really loved the shot of Folken in his Guymelf with his face split by a shadow, and the image of fighter jets chasing Escaflowne.

    I purchased the CD, and ripped the song to my raid. I then sat down, and ripped all of the footage from the game. At that time I realized the first glaring issue. First, the video was only 15 frames per second. Second, it was only 320 x 240 resolution. Finally, it was badly compressed using the PSX MJPG CODEC. I had to do something.

    The first thing I did was to extract the video out at 4x the resolution (640x480) uncompressed. I then ran all of the videos files through an image correction filter, to remove a lot of the compression squiggle artifacts and to clean up the video quality. From these “master” video files I created a set of files based on my DV500’s CODEC, but kept the “master” files. This was so that I could create and edit the video using all of the real time features of the card, and when finally done, replace the DV500 files with the “master” ones. I down sampled the final video back down to its original 320x240 to get a bit of anti aliasing on the video. I figured it was the only way to get quality footage out of that PSX game. It seamed to have helped.

    I finished what I consider the first test version of that video by Sunday. Know what… it sucked.

    I had come across the second glaring issue. The lyrics wander, repeat them selves, and mean absolutely no sense what so ever. I have since listened to other Bush songs, and have come to determine that Bush is the Jabberwocky of pop music. Anybody who says that I just don’t get the deeper meaning of the lyrics is full of it. Try reading the lyrics with out the music, and find meaning. I took a lot of poetry classes in college, and enjoy poetry more than any other type of literature, and I could still not find anything. I decided to go with my own meaning to the song, kind of a feeling of Escaflowne.

    I went back and began to redo the video. Adding better timings, removing long wasted scenes. Basically being a control freak. I could not just leave it alone as my “crappy” video. I knew if I just spent a little more time, it might come out good. Just a little bit more. A month later I hated the song, and hated the video. I finally stopped working on it, not because of any deadline, not because I thought it was done, but because I could not watch it one more time.

    I learned. Next time I work on a music video, I had better love the song, not just kind of like it.

    It won at
    Staff Award – JACON 1 (2000)

    It was shown at
    AWA 6 Pro (did not win)
    AnimeUSA 2000 – was downgraded to non-competing. I forgot why.
    AKACon – I was emailed and asked permission to have it entered. Never heard back.


    General Items

    I decided certain things would remain constant. I loved the scene of when Hitomi fell of the cliff, and Van had to fly down and save her. I tried to interweave that scene through out the video, show a little bit of it all over the place.

    When the phrase “Lying in this bed” or any variation of it came up, I wanted to show people falling.

    I also tried not to show sequences that would naturally follow each other in the original. What I would do is interleave them with another scene, to show things in parallel.

    The song was edited. After “Lovers, Lovers, Lovers, Lovers…” I cut about 30 seconds of the song out. Should not be noticeable, but with limited footage and patience, it was required. Also, the song has a very long ending, of a guitar just winding down; I cut that short by fading at the very end.

    Magical Mystery Tour (Or items of note)

    Bandai Logo
    Why not? I wanted to use every cut scene on the disc, just because. Plus, it sets up the first guitar rift.

    First bits.
    At each double guitar hit, I show the scene of when you first see Escaflowne, with other scenes of movement. It was my first experiment at interleaving like that. I liked it.

    “I want you to remember”
    There was a beat right in the middle of a scene I wanted to allow to run. I was debating how to hit it, and I faded Allen in just barely. I liked what it showed, and kept it. He will also ghost in at other parts of the song.

    Just as a note, when the song faded to actual since… I fade to black.

    “The power of children can amaze”
    I had to show Meryle on “children” but the entire bit was simply playing with movement. And with “power” Van gets hit with the power bolt in one of Hitomi’s dreams.

    “I know that’s a pisser baby”
    Cool new scene from the game. She just looked pissed, and the hair movement was perfect.

    “(Hammer) hurled through my head”
    I thought this just built up perfectly. I normally do not show scenes consecutively like that, and it did not quite hit his head, but I thought it worked… especially for the music built up the followed.

    “Lovers, Lovers, Lovers, Lovers…”
    This worked out so well. I used 3 scenes that happen right after each other… and interleave them, to make it seams… well like it really happened.

    The rest was just an attempt at trying to weave what story I could tell around the music at that point, or simply me having fun.

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