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  • Member: fallout161
  • Title: The Philosophy of Ghost in the Shell
  • Premiered: 2005-01-21
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    • Sealab Audio "I, Robot"
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  • Comments: I began this video because I thought the concept would be funny.

    I quit before it was done.

    I began it again because it was taking up space on my hard drive and I wanted to finish it.

    I quit before it was done.

    I began it because I wanted to have fun working on an anime music video.

    I finished it.

    Needless to say, probably the best parts of this video were done during its third stage, when I was really enjoying what I was doing and not just trying to finish it. It began as funny (?) concept and a lip-synching exercise. Then it turned into a challenge: How much could I actually get away with?

    I eventually cut the audio down quite a bit, deleting the parts which did not fit into the concept. (Most of this was the Dr. Quinn / Puppetmaster dialogue about saving Sealab.) I ended up manipulating clips that were otherwise completely unusable for lip-synch purposes. Instead of asking, "Does this clip remain static, except for the mouth? Can I use it?" I began asking, "I like this clip. It's perfect. How can I bastardize it to make it work?"

    In the end, the final number of files used in this project was 213. The Ghost in the Shell movie was only one of these; the remainder encompasses a number of audio clips I used to re-dub certain sound-effects (like car engines, trucks passing, wind, rain, water splashes, glass breaking, white noise, etc). I also used a buttload of PSDs for masking purposes with the lip synching (I'm probably using this term incorrectly, correct me if I'm wrong.) The final project file has 5 layers of video and 4 layers of audio. I don't know how many hours, exaclty, but it's probably around 100. I've been working on this beast since late 2003 I think.

    As for drawbacks... if you'll notice, many of the characters seem to be in two places (or more) at once. This is because I didn't feel like limiting my footage to two or three GITS scenes - if I did, I would be using the same clip of Chief Aramaki at his desk for the entire video. So I had to change it up, force a little suspension of disbelief. That's why you see Bateau talking with the Chief at his desk, and immediately afterward he is in a car with Ishikawa. I aporogize. I hope you can still salvage some enjoyment from the video.


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