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  • Member: ashiteruSweetSurrender
  • Studio: Matchmaker STUDIOS
  • Title: Unrequited Love
  • Premiered: 2005-01-31
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    • Dido White Flag
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    * * *
    All the living things living in this universe have the brilliance of a star hidden inside their bodies... One of them, in one person... I met somebody with that brilliance shining with exceptional strength, on this planet I've flowed to.
    Ever since we first met at the airport, I've surely had you on my mind. But is it that, as a soldier, I was charmed by the power you emit? Or is it that, carrying the heart of a boy, I was charmed by you...
    Odango, I think there is surely a battle more painful than those up to now waiting for us. But at all times, I will be by your side, and I will help to protect you... -Poem by Kou Seiya for "his" Odango.

    * * *

    I created this video in honor of Seiya/Usagi. Pls do not get me wrong Mamoru is an absolute sweetheart... in the manga, that's my opinion. When Seiya came on the scene in the anime he was more than just a friend, he was someone to take care of Usagi through the disappearance of Mamoru, and help fill her lonely heart. Opposite to popular belief Seiya never "tried" to pull Usagi and Mamoru apart he simply loved her... and missunderstood why her boyfriend never wrote her back or called and felt bad for her thinking he could be better.(as he always thinks) She too in a sense fell in love, but not "eternal" love, not Endymion/Serenity love, unrequited love. And in honor of Seiya/Fighter and his/her strong will to keep fighting for her planet, (and "his" girl) to you Kou Seiya, we'll never forget you! Pls leave no flames... if you dislike the couple it's your choice not to watch it, and to hit the back button now, as for the fans, Enjoy! ;)

    * * *
    Editor's Plea--
    I aplogize for the quality of the capture, given the circumstances, (you have to remember, STARs may be new to some but in reality it's anywhere from 5-7 years old.) and the fact that (unknowingly when purchased) the capture was a bootleg... the quality isn't the best, I'm sorry. But whatever you do don't let it hurt the overall effect of the vid. Again, I apologize...-.-;

    This vid was strictly in honor of Seiya/fighter/usagi and the things I admire most about seiya/fighter... not to win any awards,(though some would be nice...hehe^^), so again, for the fans I hope you enjoy what I set out to do!!
    WARNING: Mostly Girl/Girl for fast pace action sequences. If you're against Fighter/Sailor Moon flirtage do not engage! That is all. ^^
    --brightest blessings,

    Thank you all for your opinions!!! But... because my editing has gotten better I don't wish for anymore opinions on this video... it's not one that i'm really all that proud of and i've seen quite a few glitches in it that arn't soo good... PLEASE LEAVE NO MORE OPINONS FOR THIS VIDEO!! I plan on making a better Seiya/Usagi video in the future!!! I wouldn't call this video bad, in fact many say it's the best one they've seen of the couple... but i know it's faults so please wait for the next video... i've grown a lot, thank you!!

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