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  • Member: SQ
  • Title: Graffiti
  • Premiered: 2005-01-17
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    • Radio Days Wake Up
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    Well, I played this game called "Rakugaki Showtime"(Graffiti Showtime) at TWC2.
    I fell in love with the FMVs. I couldn't get enough of them. I HAD TO HAVE THEM.
    Unfortunetly, this game is very rare and was only released in Japan, although I think it would do well in the US and other countries since it pretty much resembles Super Smash Bros. God hand and all.
    I got someone to rip the FMVs for me and mail them to me. Yey!
    From there I had to doctor the FMVs since they, in the game itself, weren't so great quality. Playing the game, there was lots of noise in the FMVs. So I fixed that.

    Effects-wise, I used Screen, Multiply, and some other transparency options. Other then that, not much aside from trying to de-noise it and such.

    Basically, it's a whole lot of random-mess, but pretty much entails all the FMVs from Rakugaki Showtime.

    This was going to be a part of "Short AMVs for Short People," But I made this before I realised someone else had the track(there was miscommunication, I thought it was free).
    Regardless, if people like this, I might upload a higher quality version that isn't WMV.(contrary to what the website says. I'm just too lazy to update it).

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