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  • Member: jbone
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  • Title: Harsh Reality
  • Premiered: 2002-04-01
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    • Fastball This is Not My Life
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  • Comments: edit time: 52 hours

    current revision: 1.11

    Initially, I had planned to do a similar piece to The Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet with Butterfly Wings." However, the song felt a little too long to me; it would have worked, but it didn't really appeal to me *that* much. More recently, I heard Fastball's "This is Not My Life," and I soon realized this song would work well with my initial concept.

    This piece took a good amount of effort to complete. Although this is partially an action video, the action sequences are completely different than those in my previous action video, "Renegade Megadeus." This is a more character-driven piece with dramatic elements, whereas "Renegade Megadeus" was all about fitting together as much high-paced robot fighting action as I could squeeze into 4 minutes. ^_^

    As has been my pattern, some of the effects I use in this video are simlar to those in my past videos, but I attempted to do things differently enough to create a unique end-product.

    Of course, there's plenty of attention to detail and timing, as always. ^_^

    You'll notice this pece is a bit visually dark. I think it looks good with reduced gamma.

    revisions in v1.11:
    * Adjusted gamma
    * Adjusted one frame
    * Adjusted credits

    revisions in v1.10:
    * Removed two sequential stray frames.
    * Digitally removed image of Dorothy from one sequence.
    * Digitally removed blood from Roger's arm in one sequence.
    * Digitally removed visible dust/dirt from one frame.
    * Adjusted fading in one portion of one sequence.
    * Adjusted several instances of lip synching.
    * Fixed Roger's hair during one sequence.
    * Made Roger's lips look better during one sequence.
    * Corrected existing interlacing/deinterlacing effects.
    * Lengthened the end slightly.
    * Added some black space at the end.

    [text last updated 1/12/03]


    Warning: This video contains fast-moving imagery and repeated bright images flashing at a very fast pace. Do not watch this video if you are prone to seizures or similar disorders.

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