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  • Member: badmartialarts
  • Studio: Bad Martial Arts
  • Title: Hentai Overload
  • Premiered: 2005-01-22
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  • Song:
    • esem Kyes Ivrload
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  • Comments: The title gives the intention.

    NOTE: Don't ask me "where can I download this?" It's not up for the that fact that a) it's a huge file and meant for a convention and b) I don't want to be providing kids with porn. Find your own porn! :twisted:

    The idea for this video....well, it's not that complicated. "Kyes Ivrload" is a very very repetitive song with two main beat lines. One treble line that's very slow and soft, and a hard driving bass line. Basically, I synced plot scenes to the soft treble line, sticking as close to the plot of the anime as I cared to. Then, I made a second video on another sequence to the bass line using only the sex scenes. Then I slapped the sex scenes on top of the plot video. Why? Because you don't watch a hentai show for the engaging plot, you watch it for the sex! :)

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