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  • Members: gambitt, AbsoluteDestiny
  • Title: DDR Project 5th Mix: Rhythm & Police (Akira)
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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    • CJ Crew feat. Christian D Rhythm and Police (K.O.G. G3 Mix)
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  • Comments: This is the second track from DDR 5th Mix, and the first video in the project (minus the intro).

    AbsoluteDestiny and I were totally aware of each other's fascination with headtrips, mindf***s, and hallucinations in our AMVs even before we agreed to pair up. It wasn't until right after the third DDR Project premiered that he asked me to join him to do the video for this song. We instantly had all these crazy ideas, and it wasn't until late that were were able to come up with the final idea of making Akira even more screwed up than it already was.

    AD quickly made the basic edit for the video, and from that we took every opportunity to screw with whatever we could. Of course, this includes putting DDR arrows in as many places as possible. I can't gauge exactly how many arrows had shown up, but in one scene alone there are more than 7,000+ arrows flying around at the same time. I also threw in some terrifically trippy video synthesizer footage from a VHS tape of a New Jersian video artist from the 80s, and that is featured heavily in the last few moments of the video.

    AD did a lot of crucial work like making sure the arrows moved freely in the hallway scene, and in the giant trippy part with Kaneda inside the ball of DDR arrows. He also had great feedback and input on what we could do to make things more and more off-the-wall, so a minute-and-a-half-long video would seem even longer.

    There was a ton of work put into the video, and both of us had a blast doing it. We hope you enjoy it!

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