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  • Member: Lord Rae
  • Studio: Phoenix AMV
  • Title: Rosemary's Baby
  • Premiered: 2002-10-21
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  • Song:
    • Fantomas Rosemary's Baby
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  • Comments: Key the Metal Idol is a series filled with dark and at the same time inspiring imagery (kind of). I chose a focus of the entire series and made it more a dark trailer or extreme mood video rather than a story based Odyssey.

    Spoilers... Nothing mind crushing or series spoiling... Some scenes are in there from the final episode of key but nothing thats gonna make a whole hell of a lot of sense unless you have actually seen all of Key.

    Okay. The basis for this video came from listening to the song, which is a remake of the song done for the movie Rosemary's Baby.

    The song is essentially the same as the original. Its been remade with a little more of a metal edge to it but the overall them and pacing of the song (and video) remain slow.

    Assuming your not going to be seeing the movie Rosemaryís' Baby...

    ***Spoiler for unrelated movie?***
    At the end of the movie they are all looking at the baby (supposed to be the child of Satan for most of the movie) and the mother seeing it for the first time screams "What have they done to its eyes!" or something remarkably similar.

    ****End spoiler for unrelated movie****

    So how this idea came about to use this remake for a Key the metal Idol video is somewhat blurry but basically one of the major points of interest in Key is the eye of the characters. I won't spoil any of that...

    Also there are a fair amount of clockwork sounds and such in the audio and I felt that this went along great with a lot of the scenes in Key.

    The third contributing factor in me making this video was that in the audio there is a small portion of the song that features a baby crying. This also fits with certain scenes in key very well.

    Now for artistic merit among other reasons I chose to go with really tight timing on this video. Which if you've seen some of my previous (ok, most of my previous) videos you'd know thatís not something I generally work with. But hey I think it worked really well as opposed to my usual lyrical matching style.

    On the half lyrics i synced things as well as to the beat (you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it)
    On the beginning "La" and all the others I've synced (BUT ONLY TO A POINT). I made a strictly artistic decision to not sync on certain "la's".

    Hopefully my decision is a smart one but I feel the overall sync of song and video source is a very strong composition.

    What do you think?

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