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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: Sailor Moon Horror!
  • Premiered: 2001-05-06
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  • Song:
    • Rocky Horror Picture Show Medley
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  • Comments: I am happy to report this video is now completed! It did not turn out very funny/comedic, but it is a parody and just fun. I was limited in footage, but I think it's okay. I just had to make this video.

    NOTE: YES/PLEASE yell back call lines at the film.

    The song used is a remix by 'Do Right', or so I think. I found it on the internet. It's a medly of the majority of songs from The Rocky Horror picture show. There isn't a story to it, but there is different sections to it. Repeat, I did not make the song mix, it was made by a group called 'Do Right'.

    After showing the video to many many friends I have decided that this video is actually better then I thought. That is if you watch it thinking that it's suppose to look very cheesy to go along with the 70's music and cheese that is RHPS!

    There is some repetition of scenes. Well not really but sort of.

    NOTE: The video and sound quality on the current downloadable version is CRAPPY! But what can you expect when 7 min of footage is put together and compressed to 30 megs only. I will be making a higher quality (But that also means larger megs) file in the future.
    (The uncompressed video is over 1 Gig.)

    Oh and I must mention that I now HATE this video. Please do not e-mail me about seeing it. I'm in the AMV chat room often enough in the evenings that you may ask me there to download a copy of it.

    I rotate what video I host, at about 1 every week (sometimes more often). So if the video you wanted to download was not available, take the poll and tell me which video you want to see. (I'm basing what to put up on the poll vs hits on the various video links, because if you take the time to use the poll your more likely to come back when the video is hosted). Then simply check in next week to see what I'm showing. I'm sorry I have to do this but I don't have that much space.

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