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  • Member: DJ Jaime
  • Studio: DJ Jaime´s Productions
  • Title: Visions of Me
  • Premiered: 2005-01-10
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  • Song:
    • Blink 182 Adam's Song
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  • Comments: * Personal Comments about the video:

    This video has a special meaning to me, I started making this vid a couple of months ago, and well, it's also my first video with Premiere. It's also my first experience with an intentional lyp sync at some points, and well... All I can say is that I'm happy with what i've done.

    Well, maybe you're wondering why it took me a lot of time to make a video with Premiere... Well, I got Premiere several months ago, but I didn't want to do a vid. with it because I hadn't got the hang of it at that time. I also needed to read some Premiere guides before making this vid, but I started editing until I felt happy with what I knew...

    * Information about the video:

    This is a Goku Tribute, in which I wanted to show Goku's Pain... He's always fighting for others, but what about him? In this video you'll see how Goku feels about his life and himself.

    The Video starts with Goku at the end of DBZ Saga; after defeating Majin Buu, he feels depressed, and that's when the video starts...

    In this video we also have the chance to see an arrogant Goku, at min 0:41, he says: " You'll Be Sorry When I'm Gone " But Later on, we see an angry Gohan and then Goku appears helping Gohan.

    We also see Kid Goku, and that's when Goku remembers about his old days ( Those scenes were Black & White for obvious reasons ) and well... after he remembers all his Glory days, he suddenly notices that he's now depressed and sad with himself..

    There's a part in which Goku says: " Please tell mom this is not her fault " In that part we see a different Goku, sacrificing for his son. After that scene, we see a different Goku in the rest of the video...

    If You pay attention, you'll notice that the timing keeps rising on during the video.

    From minute 2:49 to 3:33 Goku explodes and starts thinking about his son, and about all the people that were important to him in different ways. This scene ends up until he goes SSJ3.

    At the end of this video, we finally see a happy Goku, proud of his son... And Proud of Himself.

    * More Personal Comments and Funny Facts:

    * In this video you'll see no logos, Yay! =P
    * I'd have done a credits section at the end, but the compressed file was just... Big, so the credits will be only available in the Direct link.
    * If You're going to judge the Vid. Quality and the Song Quality, I'd prefer you to judge the "Local" version of the vid >.<
    * Just keep in mind that this is my first time with Premiere and it's also my first time with Lyp Sync. >.<
    * Other than that, Enjoy the video!.. And don't forget to Leave an opinion, I'd really really appreciate it and I'll answer it =P

    NOTE: The status of the Direct Link may be appearing as "Server Not Found", However, it still works.*>*>

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