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  • Member: Fluxmeister
  • Title: Destiny Money: Thrill of the Chase
  • Premiered: 2002-02-03
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    • Van Halen Big Fat Money
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  • Comments: Composition: Video Clips and Music

    Warning: This video is fast paced, if you value your vision you
    will not watch it many times. :P Just a friendly warning.

    Quick Description: Fun - Bounty Huntin' - Money Chasin' - Cowboy
    Bebop Video. :)

    No story spoilers... just action spoilers! :P

    The title of the video "Destiny Money: Thrill of the Chase" is
    based off of a clip in the show, which is in my video actually...
    ...and obviously as you will see this video is a bit of a visual

    I really hope you enjoy this video!

    Video content notes:
    1 - Though there are a few scenes that seem to lip sync to lyrics,
    this was not my intention. ... well maybe Spike saying "woooo!"

    2 - The introduction was just something fun I wanted to put together.
    I actually didn't know how to do the sliding text for the music, so
    a bit of experimentation was required... but fortunately my idea
    of how to produce the motion effect worked fine in a few minutes.

    3 - At one point in time I was going to have the clip of the
    transvestite turning around... yeah that was a BAD IDEA. :P

    4 - As all Cowboy Bebop fans/viewers know... there is a large
    amount of Spike and not so much of the others. I made sure to
    give the other characters some time too... even Ed and Ein
    get to take part in the video.

    5 - The intro uses the song Spy by Yoko Kanno. (also Cowboy Bebop)

    6 - There are a few scenes/sections that I had to have no matter
    what. The scene of Spike flying up the building and almost nailing
    Jet sync'd for the video with virtually no cuts. Also the beat when
    the "bad guy" is nailed by a suitcase just had to stay. Along the
    same lines there a scene with a waitress nailing some punk with a
    bottle... another clip that just had to stay! I also almost forgot
    to use the clip of Faye punching at the camera... which is just great!

    7 - The money flashes/stills are meant to accent the video in the
    manner that the footage doesn't on its own. As you will notice I
    don't always follow the lyrics (ok not much at all for this video
    due to my goals not including perfect lyric sync)

    8 - The cat CAN talk, but only while on Spike's head. =)

    Technical notes:
    1 - The flashing is not used excessively in my opinion but others
    may argue, this goes the same for the dollar stills... which I use
    a bit for fast drum beats.

    2 - There are actually very few special effects in the video, just
    primarily fast editing... I don't think of fades as effects any more,
    or transparency.

    ... if I think of anything else I will add it ...

    Enjoy the Video! :)

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