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  • Member: Bote
  • Title: Trippy 3D Trip
  • Premiered: 2005-01-07
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    • Lightforce Take your time
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  • Comments: Quick description: The shapes...the colours...:O

    Technical stuff: What isnít technical about this vid? Everything was made in different 3D programs and I even had to use Combustion(as if :P) for 2 shapes. Still, Premiere did a damn good job putting it all togheter. The thing is, all the Motion and movement isnít from Premiere everything was done in 3D while listening to the song (since there isnít a timeline duh!). The filesize is big I know, but every bitrate smaller than the one available made it look crappy, so I figured First Pass would be the best solution. One thing I realise is that Xvid has some serious issues dealing with footage that has a lot of movement. The first pass at 640X480 was 90MBís!

    Finished it in a month and a week I sometimes worked 10 hours on it and the best I did was 2 or 3 secs lol. Masochism seems to be my thing. The project was very near deletion but knowing how I felt totally down when I deleted my ďForcesĒ vid I decided just to publish it and not care if people bitch and whine about it.

    Enjoy. :O


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