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  • Member: OmniStrata
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: To Love, To Love Not
  • Premiered: 2002-02-08
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    • Jessica Folker To Be Able to Love (Johnathan Peters Mix)
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    AMD 1000MHz MONSTER!!!
    128MB DDR RAM


    Adobe Premiere 6.0 (frame server added)


    Quick Burn at under 25hrs. I knew exactly what to do up to the near ending point... ^_^


    The 3rd "Boys Be" vid on the site I believe, I'm sure there are MADs out there with Boys Be but right now, I'm just running via this site's database.

    I felt like I needed a break from my "Feel the Rhythm" series and decided to try something new. (Actually the technique is old...) This vid has 0% special effects! No overlay, no flashes, no motion, no filters, nothing. Nothing but an opening and ending fade that merely matches the music. If you see an effect, that's part of the anime's "flashback" sequences. What does this mean?

    After watching the might that is TaranT's "Sakura", I wanted to see what I could do if I made a vid utilizing "old school" tricks. The only "noticeable" trick maybe a minor speed adjustment here and there, but on the whole, this vid follows the premise: "simplicity is beauty".

    Once you've seen the vid, I hope you get a new outlook on not only "Boys Be", but on what your life would be like and who you think you may have taken for granted.

    Enjoy the vid! After this one, I'll head back to finishing my Feel the Rhythm" dance series...


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