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  • Member: anneke
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: Hiko's Song
  • Premiered: 2000-10-01
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  • Song:
    • Right Said Fred I'm Too Sexy
  • Anime:
  • Comments: THIS VIDEO IS OLD! It was made back in 2000, before Kenshin was available on DVD in the states. YES the footage is crappy! It's the second video I ever made. Go download some of my newer videos please!

    This is the second video I created. I used clips I found on-line back before the day of Basically the scenes you see are what I had access to. I tried to make the subtitles relavent to what was going on, because I clipped them out I didn't have enough source footage. This also has my first bit of lip synch. (Soujiro has slight lipsynching). Please note that this video is OLD, made back in the ancient days before existed. If your looking for a great video, this is not it. If your looking for a video that shows you what AMVs use to be like, and what we had to deal with, and just to see how I started as a creator, then download this video. I wouldn't have this video up, but I think it's important to keep in touch with my roots, and thus my first videos.

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