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  • Member: Ryoko_Mitsurugi12
  • Title: My Dear Brother
  • Premiered: 2004-12-23
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    • Joss Stone Holding out for a Hero
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  • Comments: wow...i try not to make inuyasha videos much anymore because EVERYONE does...but this song was MADE for Sango and Kohaku. It's definately not my best, but i do like it. i hope it touches you ^^
    here are the lyrics:

    He shares my blood
    He holds my soul
    will he ever know, ever know
    he's cutting his own skin?

    He's my brother
    come straight from my mother
    he's stronger than he thinks he is
    let him know, let him know.

    I pray to God, will He help him?
    does he deserve this? I don't know
    at times he comes across selfish
    but he ain't a bad person this i know

    his lies...his cheats...his stealings
    makes me cry 'till I stop breathing
    he's simply lost his mind...
    Lord, I'm asking you, Lord...

    will you help him find it?

    It is said, find a will, and you'll find a way
    Oh, I live by that each and every day
    (?) won't you listen to the words I say?
    Writing this was harder than you'd ever think

    You've got a heart
    you've got a mind
    you've got a soul
    And you're eyes are kind, you're eyes are kind
    ..and you're eyes are kind


    (?) won't you listen to the words I say
    writing this was harder than you'd ever think...

    the find a will thing especially...because, you know, Kohaku has no will of his own...
    anyways, hope you enjoy.

    and please leave an opinion ^^

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