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  • Member: acomalas
  • Studio: The Flying Cracker
  • Title: The Perfect Drug
  • Premiered: 2002-07-26
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    • Nine Inch Nails The Perfect drug
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  • Comments: here's the good ol' several paragraphs:

    I first heard this song from Maboroshi Studio's Perfect Blue video. In fact it was the first Nine Inch Nails song I ever heard. At first I was against even considering to make this video. It was one of those "someone else already got to that song first" and did a good job as well. But since I'm posting here I obviously changed my mind somewhere along the way.

    What I wanted to do with this video was to show a darker side to FLCL. Yeah I know, thats been said before (most notably Kusoyaro's "My Iron Lung") but I also wanted to show something else. I began to feel that Perfect Drug was the essence of Haruko's character. She changed everyone's lives and not always for the better. She was powerful and beautiful, yet self centered and willing to do anything to get what she wanted. Amarao tried to resist her, he even wore fake eyebrows to feel mature and beyond her charm. Noata's father lost his head, so to speak. That was a weird episode...

    And of course Noata needs Haruko to remember that there is a world outside of Mabase. He choses to follow her instead of being "responsible" like Amarao tells him to be, but she may well end up destroying the planet.

    I really think you'll get the most out of reading this and watching the video if you watch the whole series about five times over ;p

    And thats all well and good, but all Furi Kuri videos (even the "darker" ones) that I've seen are VERY fragmented at best. This is of course typical for action videos, and even some dramatic videos ("Everything You Want" to Evangelion comes to mind). With Perfect Drug I wanted to make something a bit more concrete than speed flashing through random heavy-action scenes. But even though some scenes may seem linear (i.e. you can see both cause and effect together!) there is often a lot of heavy editting behind it. Especially at the end. Ugh, if I have to tune one more guitar collision...

    Digital effects for the most part were used sparingly. I tend to save them for really important stuff, rather than force them onto the video at regular intervals (coughdamn-expanding-squares-on-closer-videoscough). I am quite fond of overlays though ^_^

    Some lip synch is present, most of it however is very loose because for this video I feel that the situations and the character expressions were more important than whether the lips were flapping or not. Thats not to say its badly done, its just an area I had the least effort put into

    One of my friends told me this about the ending:
    "Thats great, too bad no one is going to get it"
    "What are you talking about, thats just how the song ends"
    Guess he was right though ;p Hopefully that snippet will explain the ending without saying what it is.

    My thoughts on the Actual Video:
    I like it. I also like tacos. You have been duely given your grain of salt.

    Other's Thoughts:
    Best Technical at AWA EXPO
    Best in Serious/Dramatic at Otakon 2002

    They both work at the moment. yay for cambells soup, and awesome hosting by

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