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  • Member: firerules16
  • Title: Beautiful as a Dagger
  • Premiered: 2002-02-02
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    • Flickerstick Beautiful
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  • Comments: Well Well Well, what do we have here? It's my first music video! Actually it's my first video editing project ever. This video is based on Final Fantasy IX, (of course) and it revolves around the relationship between Zidane and Dagger. It also involves the forces that are keeping them apart so to speak.

    I used Adobe Premiere 6.0 on a Celeron 750 mhz machine to create this and it took me about a week and a half. Pay close attention to the lyrics, as I made tried to make the music coincide with the video in almost every aspect. I tried to keep it simple by just adding a few cross dissolves where it felt appropriate. However, it is mainly timing that I paid attention to. But anyways, I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as i enjoyed creating it..

    Update, Feb. 13, 2002: Hey everyone. I have updated my video, and I am pleased with the results, so I would like to share it. Out of the opinions I recieved, they brought something to my attention. There were alot of scanlines in my video. Well, I fixed that, as I can't noticeably see them anymore, and I fixed a little problem where the screen goes blank toward the end of the video. Anyway, please view and review; I would highly appreciate it. Thanks everyone.

    Fire Rules

    Nov. 17, 2002: My webhosting service has been down for a couple of weeks now. They cancelled my account, as they no longer allowed anime-based websites. So, until I find another web hosting solution, no video downloads :(

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