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  • Members: keeso, Juzu
  • Studio: FoxWorm Studios
  • Title: Alchemist With Gold Eyes
  • Premiered: 2004-12-27
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    • Apocalyptica Path
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  • Comments: Alright it is finally here , but this isnt that amv what i was supposed to make , i changed my mind and maked FMA amv, but my rahXephon amv will come out soon.


    Neko Studios 1st AMV contest
    -Overall Favorite Video-
    -Best Drama/Romance-

    Now some info about this amv:


    Song that i used is apocalyptica - path , and why i used this song?
    Cause me and my good friend Juzu had performance about apocalyptica and cause it is finnish band. (I`m finnish guy) Infact i heard first time this band music in front of our class, we had performance about apocalyptica and i didnt know what the heck it was :D:D It was good thing that we had that performance , cause after that i thought that i should use apocalyptica`s music in amv. There was two songs that i would have use Path and Hope, it was too hard to make amv about hope so i chosed Path.


    Full metal alchemist, yes indeed i love this one. I have watched fansub releases eps 1-51. (all) I watched all episodes in 3-4 days. And after that i was shocked that how good this anime is, especially fma`s openings were great. And the whole idea in fma was excellent , they tried to revive their mother and they failed. Ed loosed his arm and leg and Al loosed his whole body. But Blaah there is enough info about this anime and why chosed it.


    "Alchemist with gold eyes", umm this was kinda random name. Maybe i chosed this title cause of ed ( he has gold eyes, scar said that.)

    AmmVRR : (This might have some spoilers)

    Yosh, so i used fma and apocalyptica and i`m quite pleased for the result. Fma was so unusual anime, and i used it. (FMA=horror/comedy/action/ = excellent serie)
    I started my amv with my my lame FW intro , ignore that if you dont like it, after that there was 30 second long sequence where I showed their childhood with their loving mother. And suddenly their mother died and kids were shocked what happened so they tried to revive their mother but they failed, badly.
    Ed loosed his arm and leg , Al loosed his whole body and turned into "trashcan". So ed`s auntie equipped ed with automail. They started to search philsopher`s stone by taking train to central city.
    There they saw military and Ed wanted to be an State Alchemist (dog of military). After getting full metal title they realiced that man called tucker had made a talking chimera and he used his own dog and daughter to get it. Chimera ran away and got killed by Scar . Ed and Al were shocked. They continued to search that red stone and met wrath in jungle , ed realiced that Wrath has his missing arm and leg. They met other unhumans in their journey, and fighted against that Scar, met their father etc.... This amv ends in ed`s "death".

    Programs that were used in this amv:

    Adobe premier pro
    Photoshop 7

    Yosh you need to get some codecs to watch this one correctly, get newest divx codecs.

    Note. There is that annoying divx logo in 1-2 clips , Ignore them! :D

    Umm.. Dammit my last version`s quality werent so good, so i decided to make *remastered version. But it was almost impossible to make new version with a lot better quality, cause i used fan sub footage instead using dvds, maybe some day i can afford to buy those, but there isn`t enough anime stores in here Finland, so must used fan subs, But try to understand. My older version was in .mepg form but now it is in .avi with some divx codecs. ^^ And there is few new clips in this newer version(2:15 -->)
    And these clips are now better, i edited them a little. (1:09 -1:14) and (2:25 - 2:32) , maybe you guys cant see the difference, but I can :PP

    Anyway Juzu was also making this amv. Thanks to him.

    Opinion are always welcome and i gladly exchange ops.

    You can easily say that clips that i used were random, if you havent saw this anime. So please dont say that if you havent even thought of watching FMA.

    If you are not able to dl local files, then contact me and ill send it to you.
    Yosh finnally my amvs are hosted by Wt and Bale, so if you cant / dont want to dl local files use that link to have direct download. But that direct dl is older version and it is in .mpeg form, if you want to have better quality dl local. What ever its your choice.

    Hate it , love it , or dont give a shit.

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