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  • Member: mexicanjunior
  • Studio: Random Variable Productions
  • Title: Stop Mocking Me!
  • Premiered: 2002-01-31
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    • Devo Peek-A-Boo
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  • Comments: Update 02-04-06:

    The original version of this video was funny but had horrid quality. I decided to remake it with DVD source and fine tune some of the editing and effects. Basically, it was an excuse to use Devo, one of my favorite bands of the great 80's. The premise, if there is one, is mainly Mima freaking out with everyone always on her back (Me-Mania & the fat agent). This vid has some minor spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie, you may want to wait. Enjoy... :)

    Song lyrics:

    I can see you
    And I know what you do

    So put your hands on your face
    And cover up your eyes
    Donít look until I signal


    The way that we werenít is what weíll become
    So please pay attention while I show you some
    Of whatís about to happen

    I know what you do
    Cause I do it too
    Laugh if you want to or say you donít care
    If you cannot see it you think itís not there
    It doesnít work that way

    Here is the original version if anyone was curious:

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