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  • Member: jarvious
  • Title: Who Likes Food?
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • The Descendants I like food
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  • Comments: A nice little short Descendants song done to some cool anime that i like.

    Done in Premiere 6, with footage from downloaded stuff (as usual...heh.) then encoded into MPEG 1 with Tsunami MPEG (God i love her)

    For the record, my second video...i decided to kinda do some lip synching...since i'm trying to do *Phrases* in my other vid. i'm working on, and this was good practice (i guess)
    sometimes it hurts my eyes to stare at Premiere with it zoomed in at 400% ya know? I need a break sometimes :)

    This is d/l friendly *cackles*

    I just need to post it up on the web (it should be up soon :))

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