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  • Member: LoopyChew
  • Studio: Laserchicken Productions
  • Title: Switch
  • Premiered: 2002-12-05
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    • Ellen Feiss Apple Switch Commercial
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  • Comments: I figured, I finished this video, may as well put this in the spot where three or four others that are either scrapped or incomplete did. I finished this in a day--it took longer to do the masking than it did the rest of the video, literally. As in, it took me longer to make twenty-ish whitemasks than it did to rip the DVDs, extract clips, and do the lipsynching. The one particular pain in the ass scene was the one where Mika brings her arm up to her head ("Half of my paper was gone")--after putting in the white space, I realized that her hand gets cut off the edge of the screen, where there's black space--and I removed the black space. If you play it in slow motion and focus on the lower left edge of the screen, you'll see the masking wasn't done particularly well, either. But if you're just WATCHING watching, it's unnoticeable.

    This is very much a hit-or-miss video. Things that may help include having watched both sources (the Switch ad and Lain). Already among my friends, there are those who want to kiss me, those who want to kill me, those who want to do both, and those who turn into Metroids and drain my life energy.

    What inspired this video? Well... beep, beep beep beep beep! That was the one scene I had in mind when I did this video.

    I'm gonna have a couple of links to this video, but this one'll have to do for the time being.

    Always looking for opinions! *hint, hint*

    Random bit of info: iNav is the name I gave to the notebook I use for all my AMV stuff (and everything else). I was originally going to have the tagline "say hello to iNav" in there, but there's nothing in the original commercial, so.

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