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  • Members: Sierra Lorna, silver_moon
  • Studio: Premonition Studios
  • Title: Incomplete Videos Mix
  • Premiered: 2004-12-29
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • 3 Doors Down Kryptonite
    • Andy Hunter Amazing
    • Ayumi Hamasaki Evolution
    • Bowling for soup I Ran (So Far Away)
    • DJ Scot Project Overdrive
    • Escaflowne OST Yakusoku Wa Iranai
    • Jimmy Eat World The Middle
    • Leann Rimes I Need You
    • Puretone Addicted to Bass
    • Rednex Cotton Eye Joe
    • Savage Garden I want you
    • The Tea Party Heaven Coming Down
    • Yoko Kanno Moon
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is a compilation of the various videos we never completed over the last few years. Some are more complete than others, and some have sections cut out of them that were either just black or very incomplete. Here are the idividual comments we have on each video:

    This video is very old. Sorry for the poor quality, but I sucked at encoding when I made it. :) I actually finished quite a bit on this video, it was probably about half done when I stopped editing it. But I eventually realized how unoriginal the video was, and how my editing style was a little too "fluffy" for the song. I did too many overlays and transitions, not to mention some of my scene choices were a little tacky. I just lost motivation to make it.

    I was going for a pretty, artistic video when I made this. I wanted to make a video to the Final Fantasy movie just because it had such nice animation, and I picked this song because it was artistic. Unfortunately, the song was also very monotonous and made for a very boring video. I stopped editing this video and picked a different song for the FF movie, and made "Resonance" instead.

    This was going to be just a simple, cute Final Fantasy romance vid. I was going to use FFX in the video to, but I decided I didn't really like the video before I got a chance to rip the FFX footage. The video was a little too simple for my tastes, and I thought it wasn't going to be anything great.

    "Addicted to Bass"
    I didn't get very far with this idea. I was going to use FFX-2, Faye from Cowboy Bebop, and maybe Sailor Moon. The song is awesome, but I don't know if I had the right video material for it. It doesn't suit anime that much. So I just did a little blurb at the end of the song, using the FFX-2 footage of Yuna singing. I think I just wanted an excuse to use that opening sequence footage...

    "I Need You"
    Yet another unfinished Final Fantasy video. I came close to finishing it, but I didn't really have enough footage to do what I wanted with this video. I didn't really want to do another FF video, anyway.

    Sierra Lorna:
    "Cotton Eye Vash"
    This was meant to be just a fun video about Vash and Meryl. I kind of liked the idea, but some sections such as the choruses turned out to be beyond tacky, and I ran out of ideas of what to do with them.

    "Descending Heavens"
    My first attempt at an Oh My Goddess video. I was planning a dark, dramatic, and moving video, but it didn't have the right flow to it and the story wasn't going anywhere.

    "Everything, Everything..."
    Typical fluffy Escaflowne video. I didn't plan this video too well, and it wasn't long before I gave up on it because there was nothing to it.

    "Magenta Feelings"
    My second attempt at an Oh My Goddess video. I like this one better than the first one, but I was having a lot of trouble getting the beat syncing right. I wasn't sure what to do at the choruses either. It just didn't have the right rhythm I was hoping for.

    "Couldn't Get Away"
    This is a very incomplete video--all that was put down was the basic scene placements. It was going to be an action/romance style video about Van running away from Hitomi. I guess the only reason why I quit was because I wanted to get working on my newer video and I was being impatient. ;)

    Sierra Lorna and Silver_moon:
    Now this is an old video... back in the days of Pinnacle Studios and downloaded footage (notice the subtle "fantasy games" logo in the corner of the battle footage). We'd seen Vegetolo's "Final Fantasy Overdrive", and when we played FFX, we found it funny that they had "Overdrives" in the battles. Since Vegetolo's video only went up to FFIX, we thought it would be a good idea to make one to FFX. It's not our exactly the greatest video we've ever made--we both just think it's kind of funny. ;)

    "Fly High"
    The idea for this video was originally Sierra Lorna's, but silver_moon ended up helping with it. It had some potential, but neither of us ended up working on it a lot, and silver_moon complained that she didn't want to do another "effects video" and it was too much like her video, "Visionary". Sierra Lorna isn't too fond of making techno videos, either, so we just stopped.

    "Last Impression"
    The song in this video is very cool, but our motivation to make such an action-packed video wasn't too strong at the moment. We had some issues with getting the right footage as well. On top of that, Dwchang came out with his version of "Evolution", which was difficult to try to compete with. ;)

    We hope you enjoy the project! ^_^

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