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  • Member: Coffee 54
  • Studio: Crazy Vegeta Productions
  • Title: Face of the Enemy
  • Premiered: 2004-12-29
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    • Command and Conquer: Generals GLA Battle Theme #9
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    This video focuses on a Zeon Col. named Norris Packard, one of the side Characters from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. It's a profile I've wanted to make for some time though I didn't have the space or the time until early this month. One of my favorite aspects of the Gundam series has been their ability to put forth multiple perspectives and show that one nation's villian is another nation's hero. That's the feeling and effect I tried to capture with this video. Special thanks to dj_ultima_the_great's The Side Characters Challenge for helping me to settle on this concept.
    For the music I have again decided to dip into the Command and Conquer: Generals OST, this time drawing from the GLA battle themes. That adds up to Instrumental, with a Middle Eastern sound. I felt it fit the concept of this video very well. I also hope it will help this video stand out, especially from other Instrumental vids. The Islamic sound is quite underused and in my opinion it offers great visual possibilities... Well, all that and I thought it'd be cool. Sieg Zeon baby.

    Production Notes:
    This is another video full of firsts for me. This is this first time I will have worked a 24fps instead of 30. The first time I've been able to take full advantage of the AV Tech Guide. And my first use of some serious strobbing effects. On the subject of effects, most in this video are overlays. I played around a little bit with Premiere's Blue and Green Screens to achieve the desired effects. Nothing to complicated to perform, just time consuming as I'll get out. One thing about this video the pickier set might notice is that I left some lip motion in. This was intentional as the selected scenes didn't look natural after I had removed it. Another fun challenge this video presented was capturing the father-daugther relationship between Norris and Aina. Not being a father or a daugther myself I had no personal expirence to draw from, though I think it worked out well in the end.

    Character Profile: Col. Norris Packard
    Norris is a loyal retainer of the Sakhalin's, one of the Principality of Zeon's noblest families. He's an ace pilot, one of the best Zeon has to offer, and an expert in the use of many of their most effective fighting machines. Including but not limited to; the MS-06f Zaku II, the Dopp Jet Fighter, and the MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom.
    Under the command of Lord Ginias Sakhalin, Col. Packard heads the defense of the Apsaras Project, an experimental weapons system capable of generating massive beam and anti-gravitational attacks. As well as its chief test pilot Ginias' sister Aina. Norris has been like a father to the young Zeon officer. This means a great deal to him, and he is willing to push himself beyonds his limits if it means helping her.

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