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  • Member: DCGS
  • Studio: Digital Generation Productions
  • Title: The Monster Within
  • Premiered: 2004-12-20
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  • Song:
    • Manditory The Creature Within
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  • Comments: For some time I had wanted to use this song to make a video for Gaara. Finally, when my new computer came in, I decided to go with it and give it a shot. Unfortunatly, the new PC only came with Windows Movie Maker 2 installed, so I did my best with what I had. I loaded in through to episode 101 of Naruto and scanned over the episodes for footage that I could use.

    I spent around 19 hours perfecting the video, including multiple exports of it. I also tried many ways of encoding it to try and make it look better, unfortunatly, that didn't work (If someone could offer help encoding, that'd be nice).

    Throughout the video, you'll notice multiple pixilations, I am sorry for that, and I am saying it here and now. There was nothing I could do to help that. No matter what I tried, even changing the timing, those parts always came out pixilated. So, I hope everyone that watches can still find a way to enjoy this video, maybe multiple times, without letting this detail effect your opinion on it, as there was nothing I could do.

    About the idea of the video, I wanted to show how Gaara has to live dealing with segregation, and how he copes with it. Alot of people may notice I used subtitled versions of Naruto (Thanks to Toriyama's World for the early episodes and Anbu and AonE for the latter ones!). When making a video with an anime that is unliscensed, its often hard to get good versions. So, I decided to use the subtitled version to tell a story with the subtitles, and to further help the feel of the video.

    The music is a song called The Creature Within, and its by an Indy band called Manditory ( Check them out if you like bands such as Metallica. The song is about dealing with ones inner demons, for Gaara, its a literal case.

    So, I hope you'll all enjoy The Monster Within, starring Gaara of The Sand.

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