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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: Nova
  • Premiered: 2004-12-26
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    • HAL The Starry Sky
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  • Comments: Alright,

    there's not so much behind this video. Don't expect too much out of this, I created it just for me to do justice to my favorite anime :)

    I know MKR for over 2 years now and was searching for a good concept to make an AMV to it all the time but never found anything decent. I wasn't listening to this song because it was quite used. I later realized that it could go well with the 2nd Season but never realized until I was totally bored a week ago :p. As said, there are quite a number of videos done to this song, some of them are really good, too, but I ignored that for once since there's no serious video I know which uses the plot of the 2nd season of MKR.

    Creating it was fun for most of the time, and that's what it should be. It has it's focus around Action and Drama and tells a story (again), but I think in this one it's more easy to follow like in other videos by me. The story focuses around 2 characters, Hikaru and Nova. Nova is the exact opposite of Hikaru and on top of that a person created by her own dream. If you want to know more, watch the series, it's great :) Because of that I gave the video the title "Nova", too.

    So, as said, there's not that much effort, little to no effects, not so tight beatsynching etc. I don't think it comes up against some of my best work, but it's something nice to watch and hopefully will get you hooked on MKR :p


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