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  • Member: -Helios-
  • Title: Innocent Madness
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Faustina Feels New
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  • Comments: *Beware: Spoilers*

    This AMV is done on the subject of Vash and Knives' conflict. I made this AMV to tell a story so here it goes>
    It begins at the end, then it kinda of does a recall of Knives and Vash and their differences and conflicts. Then it returns to the end and completes it.

    I used this song cuz I felt it displayed the same emotions as the story I was trying to tell. You may never have heard this song before..Heck you may never have even heard of it. But I have to give some credit to this music video
    and its creator for scrounging up such a great yet neglected song.

    Production Time: 21 hours

    Link Status: Need a server badly

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