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  • Member: alimarie
  • Title: Let Me Be Your Armor
  • Premiered: 2004-12-23
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    • Assemblage 23 Let me be your Armor
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  • Comments: I sat down and downloaded the clips, pieced together the clips into a video, added a little effect here and there, and finalized this ... all in one day. No breaks (other than one Instant Message) for food, drink, bathroom, relaxation, sleep, not even the cats... and I say this turned out very well. :D And my god, let me tell you, it was a LONG marathon, not very short at all. (So stop thinking I just threw this together, I just work really fast when I'm determined and having fun.)

    My first "real" video, because any other ones I had ever made were just playing around. This is a good one, I think. I hope I did okay. ^^;

    Please listen closely to the lyrics! The words are important, because they match up with the whole FF8 theme pretty well... or at least, they do in my opinion.

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