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  • Member: Bahamut God
  • Studio: Production Team Eos
  • Title: Any Other Way
  • Premiered: 2004-00-00
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    • Meredith Brooks Bitch
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  • Comments: I think this is my best video. It manages to keep up a good mix of light comedy and drama, while moving enough to the best to be worth watching, even if you have never seen any of these series.

    These series are all pretty different, and I really enjoyed finding common ground between all 5. It took a lot of thought to decide what series I should use. I figured few videos manage to mix 5 anime together well. Either there is one series, or way over 10. Videos that are in-between those numbers don't often work. They end up looking like random footage, especially in a drama video. I tried my best to keep things together.

    Despite the name, the song Bitch is not about women who are bitchy. The running theme is Women who don't have cookie cutter personalities. Often in anime, women's characters are stereotypical. They are either all shy, or all warrior, or all bitch, or something like that. I tired to pick characters who had depth. I then tried to bring out each women's "other" half. For example, many people think of Akane from Ranma 1/2 as being cold, however, a lot of the time she actually acts very loving. So I tried to put her the warmer places in the song.

    Here's the problem. About 36 hours after finishing the video, my computer HD crashed. I lost my high quality copy of the video. This is the only quality copy I have now. So sad. This is not even the real final copy, I changed two things in the final video, but I lost that copy forever. I may redo this video, but it will be years from now ever I ever get to it.

    It took over a year to make. Mostly because I would go long periods of time with out ever working on it, due to being busy. However, I really like the final result. I just wish the footage did not look like it went though a cat's asshole.

    There are really no effects, like all my videos, but there is some fancy lip syncing techniques used.

    This was shown at Ani-Magic as "Just The Way They Are" which was a pretty stupid name. I have since changed it, and I'm sure it's not much better.

    +Ani-Magic Finalist

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