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  • Members: ShinjiMisato, Shinjimaster
  • Studio: S&M Productions
  • Title: Evangelion - The Stairway To Heaven
  • Premiered: 2004-12-22
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  • Song:
    • Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven
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  • Comments: This AMV is the best AMV i've ever created, Also one of the first AMVs i've made



    This AMV is dedicated to all eva fans out there and most of all to the genious Hideaky Anno, Creator of the most amazing and marvelous Anime ever created! ^_^
    This is the Final version of my old concept of "Stairway To Heaven" with "Evangelion" after 3 remakes and finally this one with the "Evangelion Renewal" and with my skills at premiere were much more evolved. I wont be doing new remakes on my best job ever, so after 3 years from the first time i started working in it i'm finally posting it here, in the best AMV site ever!



    I Started doing this AMV when i was only 13 years (believe it or not!) And it haven't changed so much from it's first version of 2001. In that time i was fascinated with Evangelion (or well i think i still am! ^_^) And i was tottaly depressed in that time with a non-corresponded love with a Sensei of mine (or well she was 29 years old! :-*) and also, i was seeing much in common with me and Ikari Shinji back in that time, so i decided, after some AMVs i've made, to try making one showing the true feeling that evangelion Brings... And is there any Song better than the Led Zeppelin's historical and immortal: "Stairway To Heaven", the song of hope? Myself as an Eva maniac and a completely understander of the Plot (is that possible? *lol*) made the AMV then showing, all the emotions and conflicts of the characters associated with the music, and together with it a special development of Asuka Character (even my favourite been Misato...) that uses the Nigouki as her tool to happines... Her Stairway To Heaven :-* And with it i think i was able to acomplish one of the most serious and emotional Evangelion AMV ever created.
    So if you are a real Eva fan, you gotta give it a look, and i promisse it won't let you down (well, maybe a litle depressed! *lol)
    So, if you haven't seen evangelion (or don't understad it's plot) don't waste your time watching this AMV. also the AMV is completely connected with the Lyrics and message of the music, so make sure you know it all before watching!
    Hope everyone enjoy watching it!


    History/Development/Techinal info: (If you are curious and bother reading it: :-*)

    When i started making amvs, i had an old k6 450, so it was out of question using the Adobe Premiere as tool, and also, it was impossible to run a divx video with a resolution higher than 400x300 pixels!!! So in that time, i used my old original VCDs of evangelion and the good and Old Virtual Dub. (thats right! the original "Stairway To Heaven Evangelion AMV" was originally made completelly on virtual dub!)
    Also there were 3 versions before this final one. But different from this, all 3 before were very similar.
    The first one was probablly made in April 2001 (maybe march), and then unhappy with some long scenes in the midlle i changed about 40 seconds of scenes and then released in the same week (i don't remember exactly when, but was with short time after the original release) the version i Called "Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven 2.avi" *lol*. After reseeing it i decided to change the final scenes (before the kiss i added eva 02 dying by the eva series) and some few others also in the middle of the movie, but wasn't big changes at all. Most of the original scenes are still there including the solo scene (if you have noticed, it is completely un-cuted, i just dropped the scene of Asuka waking up there and like a milacre it completely syncronized with the music, and even this last version made at the premiere i didn't have to change a single frame to syncro it!). So then i released the third version a day after the 2nd one, and this one stayed for about 1-2 years before i touched it again. The Third version is the first one i still have the official release date (when the final .avi was created :-*): wednesday, 4th april 2001, 20:02:32.

    A long time passed, and after i made lots of amvs after that i finally discovered the superior quality of "Divx 3.11 - Low Motion" to the old Fas motion i was using (yeah that was kinda dumb but anyway) and i decided to give a better quality on my best AMV of the time. So i reencoded all the solo scene in Low Motion and Replaced it on the third version. Also i changed 4 scenes in the end of the clip and added one more scene of eva 02 dying in the end. I Called it the "3.4" version but i don't consider it a new one. Since then i didn't change it till this year when i finally decided to make the final version of the evangelion: "Stairway To Heaven"

    Back 3 years ago when my third version of the "STH" was made, it was already the best AMV i'd made and all the friends who i showed it loved and said it was the best, so in that time i'd already decided to make a remake in the future when get able to put my hands on the Evangelion DVDs (bad did i know that i didn't only put my hands into one, than it was the Evangelion Renewal DVDs! A Remake to get even better the quality of my AMV :-*), because in that time i had only VCDs with poor quality. (The Original AMV was a 352x240 fast motion 3.11 divx video!!! a real crap! *lol*). So, after getting the DVD rips (720x540 2pass 400 mega XVID Ac3 Episodes without f****ing subtitles) my dream of finally remaking the Stairway to Heaven came true. So in the beggining of this year i started the "IVth" and final version of the AMV. This time i was using Adobe Premiere and i had much more experience in digital video editing than when i was only 13 and i was able to creat a even better version of the old one (most of my friends told that was impossible *lol*) and i finally released it in: 3/28/2004 20:51:38. But it remained a lot of moths without been touched before this weekend when i rendered it again and made the 2pass Xvid version just to upload here in (during this gap of 9 months i changed only 2 smalls scenes and i've decided today never more touching this amv, so this is the damn final release!)


    During the remake i spent about 2 weeks (i was a little slow) and about 20 hours of work. The Softwares i used were:
    -Adobe Premiere (Almost everything)
    -Sound Forge (Editing The Audio of the final Scene and Normalizing it all)
    -Virtual Dub 1.4.7 (To get the scenes to edit at premiere since it can't open AC3 audio .avi files, and making litle fixes/edits on the video, and exporting the final version converting the audio to mp3)
    -Dbpoweramp 10 (converting audio)
    -Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (making the credit image and texts)
    and the coolest of all:
    Maya 5.0 (where i made the intro video of the "S&M video production logo!")

    The Original STH AMV was made entirely at Virtual Dub (1.3 on that time...) And it tooks me 2 days and 12 hours to made. The Proceed to make it was very simple. i openned the vcds on the dub directly, saved a little scene and then used the "Append Avi Segment" to make the AMV. No big deal at all.
    The original was my 4th or 6th amv (dont have sure) and i only started using the Premiere after the 28th one.. This remake is the most recent work and the final release date is today: 22/12/2004 2:28:46.

    This is the 32th AMV i've made (i think), Right now i'm working on a the 35th one (the 33th is also a remake of my first amv!) that is Also with Evangelion, with the music: "Foo Fighters - Everlong" i hope finishing it soon and posting in here.


    Video File Specs:
    720x540 30fps (the original is 23.976, only used 30 to make the transitions look better)
    Compressed with Xvid 2pass and Divx FourCC (this means that the decoder used to play the video will be Divx not xvid, that increses the video compatibility)
    Audio Info: Mp3 192kbps 44khz Stereo 16 bits
    Total Bitrate: 1397kbps (174.625 k/s)
    Total Lenght: 9:29


    Thanx For everyone who makes the creation of this amv possible
    Specially to Shinjimaster who always watched my amvs and helped me to make and publishing then!!
    You gotta be very tired of all of this :- *


    So That's All! Thanx for taking time reading this credit and most of all for Downloading my AMV! i hope you enjoyed it as much as i Did, plz comment and fell free to contact me if you like to talk about it! ill love too.


    Ps: Plz forgive me for the HUGE amount of English errors! this is not my first language anyway! i hope that this text was at least comprensive! lol!)

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