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  • Member: OtakuOutpost
  • Studio: Otaku Outpost
  • Title: Bugthumping
  • Premiered: 1999-07-03
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  • Song:
    • Chumbawumba Tubthumping
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  • Comments: Equipment: DC10+ with Studio DC10. The project took 6 hours over the course of 1 week to complete from concept to execution.

    This video was my first serious attempt at making a music video. I designed it to be aired at Anime Expo 99 with the comedy category in mind. When I told a few of my friends what I planned to do, they said it wouldn't work. They ate their words.

    Particular points to look for are difficult to describe. There are lots of seamless cuts to allow action to happen at original speed, but be timed with the lyrics of the film. The timing rocks. The majority of the clips are from the OVA, but I slipped in about 4 scenes from the Wanders TV series.

    I tried to theme each verse and chorus to have some similar theme. The first chorus was Makoto, the bridge was Ifurita, the drinking was fujisawa, etc. Everything flowed so well and then I hit a dry spot just after the instrumental solo. I ran out of ideas so I just started throwing things together. I was and still am very dissapointed with that part of the video and I believe that had I been able to finish the video as strong as the first 3/4ths of it, I would have had a chance to take best in show that year over Kevin's Engel video.

    When all was said and done I realized it needed one last touch, so I added the mini-intro. The english dub provided the perfect introduction to the video. It fit so well I tried to attach a closing statement to the video too. After consideration it may have been a detriment. After all, the video was a comedy, and nobody likes a comic who laughs at his own jokes.

    This video won the Best Comedy Award at AX 99 against a weak field of competition. I was disappointed at the lack of competition in the comedy category. It made my accomplishment a hollowed victory.

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