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  • Member: DoomSodan
  • Title: Blame! - Numb
  • Premiered: 2004-12-07
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    • Linkin Park Numb
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  • Comments: Actually my first video I relesed to public, but not my first one after all. Uh, what else to say, if u know what Blame is for an Manga/Anime, then I wont have to tell u. But if I would explain it, I could wirte dozends of pages ;).

    But to keep it short: The shows take place in a rotten, dark future where humans are all infected with some sort of Virus. The whole world is a gigantic city that reach esily the moon. There is our Mainchar, Killy, who became to mission to find the Network Genes. He forgot how he got this misson or from who. So he wanders around in this megacity to find a human without the virus infected, the one with the Network Genes - all to save the entire human race of course ;).
    That would be easy, if there wernt those silicon creatures, who hunt him since ages... somehow (nobody execpt the Autor really knows why) their life depends on it, so they must kill Killy to survive...

    uuuhhh, to everyone who really read that all, I hope u unterstand it :D.

    Anyway, have fun with my Vid.

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