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  • Member: zarius
  • Studio: SolidRockman Studios
  • Title: Run with the Transformers
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • The A-Team Soundtrack A-Team Theme (Fifth Season)
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  • Comments: In 1942, three crack commando autobots were sent to planet Inquestion for a crime they did'nt committ...these bots prompty escaped form a maximum seciity compound to the los angleas undeground, today still wanted by the deceptacons, they survive as soldiers of fourtune, if you have a problem, and none else can help, and if you can find them... maybye you can hire...the A(utobot)-Team!

    A Cracking good ivd! (yeah, yeah,. I know, ANOTHER A-Team AMV, hey, i tohguht if it was that good for the G-Team, it would be for this!

    Besides, the whole theme of the movie is just that! The autoibots runing form a faction that is pretty much in control thorughout the movie. I ocncetrated on Kup (hannibal) Hot Rod (Face) , Galvatron Colnel Decker), Unicron, (Stockwell), and Optimus (B.A)

    Wow, I did a better job of detailing this than the g-team themelves

    This is the ONLY Transformers vid that'll feature an A-Team gimmick there just too similar.

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