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  • Member: pleaselah
  • Title: Best Swordsman In The World
  • Premiered: 2004-12-19
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    • Klaus Badelt He's a Pirate
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  • Comments: This is my very first try on editing an AMV... I spent a few hours each day for about 3 weeks editing it. The process was quite tedious too, I got to choose scenes without subtitle so that I won't need to cut away part of the screen or show the unsightly subtitles. Though some parts I did cover up the subtitles.
    So I really hope that someone can give me comments on it :) Thanks.

    The Story :
    The first part shows how zorro strive hard to be the world's best swordsman, until he was easily defeated by Mihawk, the current person holding the title of best swordsman. He then promised to himself never to be defeated again before he meet Mihawk for their duel. The next great opponent he met is Mr 1,the man with the ability of turning any part of his body to steel. During their fight, he thinks back to the past where he also promise a childhood sweetheart that either both of them will be the best one day.. So he trained hard every day after the death of his friend to fulfil their dreams. In the end, he got a step higher becoming the man who could cut steel. The story ends after he defeated Mr1 where he proceed nearer to his dreams.

    The music I used is from the pirates of carribean which is quite a nice soundtrack and I think is suitable for this video, since it contains lots of actions and it's a song for pirates.

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