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  • Member: Fairy_of_Fortune
  • Studio: Fairy of Fortune Productions
  • Title: It was your way... a Squall & Rinoa Tribute
  • Premiered: 2004-12-19
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  • Song:
    • Herbert Grönemeyer Der Weg
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  • Comments: Hello everybody...

    I want to present you the video I put the most effort into.
    I hesitated for a while to upload this video to, because the song is in German and I thought it would be sad if the viewers wouldn't understand the lyrics and importantly the meaning of the song.
    But I decided to translate the song into English - which was very difficult, because the author sings in a very difficult and poetic German - because this song fits SO perfectly to Final Fantasy VIII it nearly seems unnatural and I wanted you to see it, too. It's like the song was written for the game...

    A few lines to the author:
    Herbet Grönemeyer, a singer of 48 years, lost his wife a few years ago and decided to make a big pause in his music career after that. I think it was about 3 years until his come back and "Der Weg" was his first song he sang after his pause. The song is dedicated to his dead wife and it's a very emotional and serious song in which he describes what kind of woman she was and which kind of life they lived together.

    After I heard the song I immeadiately knew that I just had to make an AMV with it and FF8. And this time I decided only to use FF8, because it's a very personal song and other Final Fantasy's would have spoiled the athmosphere and uniqueness of the video.

    I have a certain pattern in this AMV, quasi an introduction, the actual video (the story) and the end, whereas the introduction and end are linked together.

    Although Herbet Grönemeyer sings only in his point of view, in my AMV the POV changes from Squall to Rinoa once in the last minute of the song.

    I put another characteristic feature in this AMV. I put the English translation of the song as subtitles in the video. I wanted to make it special and, above all, different from my other videos. It is a bit hard to watch the AMV and read the translation at the same time, so I put the english translation of the song below. It would be better to read the translation first and then watch the AMV so you have an idea what the song is about.

    I really really hope you like this AMV and I'm open for every kind of criticism. Please leave an opinion.

    Thanks and merry christmas and a happy new year everybody!!!

    ~Fairy of Fortune~


    The way

    I cannot see
    can’t trust my eyes anymore
    I can hardly believe
    emotions are twisted

    I’m much too indolent
    to give up
    It would be too soon anyway
    because there's always a way

    We were conspirative
    would have died for one another
    We have bowed the rain
    lent each other trust

    We have tried
    to turn while schussing
    Nothing was too late
    but much was too soon

    We have weathered all tides
    We got bogged down
    and loved each other desperately

    We have denied the truth as good as we could
    It was a piece of heaven
    that you existed



    You have filled every room with sunlight
    Have turned any displeasure into it’s contrary
    Nordic noble
    Your gentle kindness
    Your untamed pride
    Life ain’t fair...


    We have danced the film in a silver room
    from a golden balcony
    You have admired infinity

    Helplessly sunken, drunken,
    and everything was allowed
    Together in slow motion
    midsummernights dream...


    Your confident gait
    Your true poetry
    Your serene dignity
    Your unshakeable skill

    You have faced squarely up to fate
    you have never betrayed
    Your plan of happiness
    your plan of happiness

    I won’t leave
    I have extended my stay
    new journey through time
    open world
    I have you safe
    inside my soul

    I’ll carry you with me
    until the curtain falls
    I’ll carry you with me
    until the curtain falls.

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