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  • Member: MistyCaldwell
  • Title: Lina's True Feelings
  • Premiered: 2001-08-15
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    • Sarah Brightman Only an Ocean away
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  • Comments: This video was sent to Otakon 2001 and became an overflow-screening video. This was the 3rd video I sent to Otakon.

    It is a dramatic video (hard to get romantic scenes from Slayers..) and kind of romantic.

    ***********June 19 2003********

    This video is now available. Speak now or forever hold your peace ^_~

    There are a couple disclaimers I would like to commit to the video.

    One is that the video quality is not superb. It is from a vhs and captured obviously. I did not have the resources to buy the dvd sets. When I first made this video, I used a Media 100 and a Macintosh (man I loved it too) but it was still coming from vhs. Using the Mac, you couldn't really tell a big quality difference. Well, the "remaster" uses a DC10 card. Someday I may get the slayers dvds ( I liked the dub so much I bought all three series in vhs dub) but it's doubtful. That is all in addition to how I had to shrink it below the 100mb limit for the local download so it's not even as good as it could be.

    The other thing is I really don't need or want opinions. I would much rather have anyone drop me an email if they enjoyed my video a lot....People are too competitive here with the review system. Like it's a freaking prison and opinion reviews are the cigarettes. -_- So, since I made this video 3 years ago almost, there is really nothing to tell me about improvements...unless you really feel you need to. I am not even close to the best amv maker, and I probably have gotten as good (or mediocre) as I am going to please just enjoy my amv's for their own sake ^_^

    Oddly enough, this is my favorite out of all the amv's I have created. Molding a serious relationship out of an anime that wasn't supposed to have any was no easy task ^_^ But I think Lina and Gourry have something in the anime too many people look over.

    Please enjoy the show.

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