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  • Members (12): Project5555, Dark-Krystal, Kragdrim, LCY84, Laigleroyal, Maverick-Rubik, ProphetDK, Wünjo, nicohellcat, normandien, olw, yonestie
  • Studio: S.M.A.H.U.T. inc.
  • Title: project5555 - part2
  • Premiered: 2004-12-19
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Daft Punk Crescendolls
    • Daft Punk digital love
    • Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
    • Daft Punk Nightvision
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well, after nine months of work, the second part of the project5555 is available.
    What is the project5555? to make short, it's an AMV (multi-creators) based on daft punk's song from the album discovery with random anime used by a lot of amvmaker in order to realise a 50minutes long amv like interstella5555 by leiji matsumoto. For more details, you can visit the project5555's website.

    This second part tooks much time to be compiled 'cause some mistake from creators of the tracks, some organisation's problems and others things but it's now finished ! (^^;)
    Some creators tried to create new effects especially for this part like on the first part with [istiv] aka hito flashies colour's effects to look like the original animation interstella5555.

    Contrary to the first part of the project, this one is less based on action 'cause a lack of speed songs on this part, but the concept is the same there (ie if you didn't like project5555 part1, no chance for you to enjoy this part ;p).

    One big news on this part : as some participants of the first part asked us, we decided to add some parts of the original movie (interstalla5555) on the project with some (small) modifications for making some transitions, we hope you'll enjoy these modifications (remember : on part1, transitions were direct transitions between tracks without the passage into interstella).

    List of creators :

    Track 7 : Richard Marshall (ProphetDK)
    Track 8 : Thibault Fatton (Dark-Krystal)
    Track 9 : Olivier Boissin (Olw)
    Track 10 : Nicolas Rondeau (Nicohellcat)
    Track 11 : Aurélien Royer (Kragdrim)
    Track 12 : Christophe Gomila (Wunjo)
    Track 13 : Thibault Fatton (Dark-Krystal)
    Track 14 : Florian Sahut (yonestie)
    Track 15-16 : Andrew ####### (Maverick-rubik)
    Track 17 : Vincent Poulier (Laigleroyal)
    Track 18 : Mickael Leseur (Normandien)

    Ending credits : Laurent CLERMIDY (LCY84)


    Videos compiled on premiere 6.5 and premiere 7.0pro
    Audio compiled on ejay (basic version)
    Software used for most of the videos : adobe premiere, adobe photoshop, adobe after effects, jasc paint shop pro.
    Ending credits realised on after effects 6.0

    Videos compiled by Olw & LCY84

    Encoding by yonestie & LCY84

    WARNING : the local version is a low quality version !, you can find a much more quality's version by downloading the direct link version (the dl could be slow sometimes due to a problem on the hosting)

    settings :

    Local version
    XviD (compatible DivX5) encoding
    mp3 lame 128kbps average bitrate

    Direct version
    Matroska file
    ogg media audio 224kbps average bitrate

    You need some codecs to watch the rv10 version, matroska pack, ogg decoder and realalt (to watch rv files on others video players than real one.

    I will try to add some comments from amvmakers who have created the tracks asap.

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