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  • Member: ScorpionsUltd
  • Studio: Scorpions Unlimited
  • Title: Making Of The Beast
  • Premiered: 2004-12-14
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    • Megaherz The 5th Of March
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  • Comments: Allright! Here is the story about this vid.
    It was created to show some of the aspects of our recent work "Whisper Of The Beast".
    (You can download it from here:
    When this clip was first released, many Naruto fans asked how was created some of the scenes in the vid, since many of them was recreated from scratches of other scenes to cover the changes of original story line. Some of the people asked to create a demo version to show it in pictures from what and what was created and/or recreated. We assembled a new timeline from the parts of original video project and finnaly this vid come to light. Since we cannot explain all of tiny things we changed in every scenes we used, so we just put original unchanged video screen (or all we used if more than one) bellow the clip picture so you can stop the video and compare "before" and "after". You may notice, that sometimes picture seems like totally different from original even if no other scenes were used, that comes becouse we used some parts of original image to replace or change some others parts of it without using cuts from diffirent scenes. Ofcouse it become aviable becouse of special abilities of Adobe After Effects, wich was used to create the original clip. And we have to mention that no other programs were used except of AE. We strongly believe it have all the abilities to surpass any wonders you may have about composing of 2D layers in video composing environment. ^^'

    And so here it is at your disposal. We will be happy to comment any technical questions you may ask and see any opinions you may give. We will be glad if anything from this clip will help you understand some things about anything you tried to understand. ^^'

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